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As an Independent Headhunter We enjoy the freedom of talking to scores of professionals all across the country.  Our goal is to find opportunities for deserving professionals by bringing special talent to our Clients.  Win-Win!

We Don’t Send You A Batch Of Resumes

What makes all the difference is the process.  We will be the first to admit that finding good people out there is tough.  It takes many hours to sift through and actually analyze each person and see how they might or might not fit.  From that process you get a full rundown on the candidate as they are presented (one at a time).  The candidate is prepared, they know enough about you and your company they too are ready to ASK questions.  They must have a sincere interest in the opportunity and we make sure they are well qualified.


You’re Both Ready To Have A Conversation instead of an interrogation!

With all of the preliminary factors considered for both the Client and the Candidate the introduction becomes a seamless part of the process.  We have found that the conversations tend to last longer and go into much more detail this way.  As the Client you get a better sense of who the Candidate is and the Candidate has deeper understanding of the role the Client is trying to fill.

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Most of the really talented are not out there:

They’re not searching the Internet

Nope, not looking at the job boards either

You know what? They are not even looking for a new position!

They are busy doing what they love!

Stop waiting for them to find you…

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FL, Pompano Beach
Posted 2 days ago

This position is installing and servicing various types of beverage systems. Knowledge of these systems is very important in order to successfully function with a busy and changing workload.

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Lehi, UT
Posted 1 week ago

Paid Search manager you will have the opportunity to setup, optimize, and grow client accounts

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Las Vegas, NV
Posted 2 weeks ago

SEO Account Manager, you will take on a client facing role, managing multiple projects and leveraging a team of specialists

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Fort Lauderdale
Posted 3 months ago

Website / SEO / PPC Technician for a client of ours in their northern Fort Lauderdale office

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Posted 1 year ago

Leave your information here so that I know you are looking or at least interested in seeing what is available.

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