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We focus first to gain an understanding of your business.  We like to talk about the culture and working environment to see how it might influence the role.  If you don’t have a detailed description of the role WE’LL HELP YOU develop one.  The electricity that runs through an awesome employee must be plugged into the company and the earlier the better.  Our goal is to capture and understand the kind of candidate that fits into your situation.

By the time we introduce a candidate to you, that candidate will know enough about your situation to ask important questions.  Coincidentally, we give you enough information to begin farther into the process of assessing how someone fits into your organization.  The goal is to create a common starting place where the interest is high for both parties.

Our Primary Focus

We focus primarily on Digital Marketing talent.  We also have clients with specific Information Technology needs.

Cost of hiring

The cost of Hiring!

There is a myriad of articles out there that convey formulas to calculate the cost of hiring someone into your organization.  Some of the more recent information indicates a rate of 16% and that is just the actual cost.  It does not include lost productivity, for instance, a new hire operates at about 25% for the first 30 days or so, some say.


Team Work

Developing a relationship of trust and integrity is paramount when it comes to working well together.  It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the PEOPLE!


Joe Turner

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