Finding People...

The majority of all the really great talent are not
searching the Internet nor are they looking at the
job boards or even looking for a new position to
begin with. They are busy doing what they love!

What we do: We focus first to understand the nature of your business, your business culture and how the position fits into your organization.  The electricity that runs through an awesome employee must be plugged into the company.  Our goal is to capture and understand the kind of candidate that fits into your situation.


As an Independent Headhunter I enjoy the freedom of talking to scores of talented people all across the country.  My goal is to create an opportunity for growing professionals by bringing special talent to my clients. My favorite part is the feedback.  When the client remarks how well their new employee is doing and then too, when a candidate tells me, “Thank you for finding me this AWESOME position.” That’s the SWEETSPOT!


Joe Turner

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